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CHINA TRADE is with you in new construction projects Inernet marketplace. CHINA TRADE Internet marketplaces allow all of you from around the world who want to form their own boutiques in the markets for your products and services. marketplace is intended for all companies and all citizens of the world in 242 countries and dependent territories may be present in their communities and their country all their products and services in one of 51 categories and over 5700 sub-categories

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When a prospective buyer finds only one product then your on with just one click find all other products and services that are exposed to in your boutique. In the same way it works and just as the market more detailed locations. With the markets the company Intercom Invest Group AB will assist in accelerating the exchange of goods and services between citizens, companies and all countries of the world.
 The motto of the company is contacting, negotiation, cooperation partnerships of individuals, companies, states and nations and is the foundation of peace and prosperity in the world.
 The company and the Internet marketplace CHINATRADE LTD established in Gothenburg in a country known for its Nobel and why the name was chosen markets
 Author solutions to these markets is Mr A. Alic from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

These sites are intended to help buyers all over the China to come into contact with the global supply of millions of new, used and rare goods for sale. Our goal is to give buyers the language tools and other personalized features they need to make it convenient, safe and fun to buy at CHINATRADE LTD

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Registered Company: CHINA TRADE

Business Registration number 123ch5423

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